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Nicole Wisener


Change is Fashionable


Burning city

What will it take for us to recognize the climate crisis we’re in? We are currently experiencing stratospheric ozone depletion and ocean acidification. The rate of biodiversity loss is unimaginable, the planet is warming, wildfires are raging and the ice is melting - the world is screaming for help. Countries are flooding, homes are lost, life on earth is dying. Large scale crises happening because of human pressure on the planet’s environment. We will only continue to see severe catastrophic effects.

An urgent situation demands urgent solutions and that new ideas continue to emerge. We must all become climate activists in one way or another, because the time to act is now. It seems as though it is no longer a crisis, but a simple fact that we must change to avert total climate destruction. Although the problems seem massive, each individual can do something to help. The cumulative effects of minor actions can have a big impact. The environment is sacred and it must be protected. We must be aware of our role in the problem of its degradation and be willing to be a part of the solution.

Net bag of fruit held up by a hand

Welcome to sustain.ability, an online environmental art and sustainable fashion showcase. This event seeks to highlight student talent while also raising awareness and funds for environmental preservation. 

Sustainability means respecting planetary boundaries so that human existence can be maintained for generations to come. We must find a way to meet human needs WHILE preserving the planet as a pleasant place for living.

Dolphin in an ocean




Flower on fire

Salvage / Repurposed Materials

Blue sky and figure covered with a red fabric

Essence / Capturing Nature

A Man standing on the beach covered in white fabric

Adorn / Fashion & Textile Design

A woman sits on a bench reading a book

Ethos / Life on Earth

Barren land with dead trees

Extinguish / Activism through art

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