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This event is in support of the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), who are a national First Nation directed environmental non-profit charitable organization established in 1995 with the goal to work with Indigenous nations and help build sustainable Indigenous communities (CIER).

All proceeds will go directly to CIER and will support their tremendous efforts and initiatives at building sustainable Indigenous communities.

CIER has taken on multiple projects since 1995 and has worked with over 300 Indigenous nations across Canada (CIER). With both Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff, CIER values a variety of perspectives to tackle environmental challenges and collaborates with a multitude of national and regional Indigenous partners (CIER).

CIER’s mission is to “support Indigenos people and communities to be leaders of positive environmental change”, incorporating both Western and Indigeons knowledge to create a world “in balance” and supportive of the well-being of all living things (CIER).  Their approach involves listening to and enabling their First Nations partners, and working across “political boundaries and cross-cultural settings” to solve environmental issues, while respecting and recognizing Indigenous rights (CIER).

Who They Are

CIER is Canada’s “first and only Indigenous-directed environmental” non-profit organization, founded by 10 First Nation Chiefs in 1995 with the goal to enhance technical environmental capacity within Indigenous communities, thus providing them with the tools necessary to sustainably use their resources (CIER).

Graphic of centre for indigeneous environmental resources

What They Do

CIER works various organizations and groups with common-interests, including but not limited to First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Councils and Communities; non-government organizations, and municipal and Federal governments (CIER). They help Indigenous communities build environmental capacity to solve their environmental problems through educating and learning with the Indigenous communities, conducting research, and building skills (CIER). They offer support for the communities or organizations in multiple areas, some of which include project management and coordination, Indigenous knowledge, mapping, and language studies; and strategic advising and support to strengthen Indigenous governance (CIER).

CIER has benefitted and worked with hundreds of Indigenous communities since 1995.  Check out their website for more information on their projects and impacts. 


Their key focus areas are waterIndigenous Knowledge; biodiversity; youth; sustainable waste management; and renewable energy and climate change. Visit each focus area to learn more about them. 

Current Projects

Sustainable Waste Management

Through this project, CIER is providing technical support to St. Theresa Point, Wasagamack, and Garden Hill First Nations (MB) to “remove end-of-life vehicles and associated hazardous waste” (CIER). This projects seeks to support community members’ economic benefits through “employment, capacity building, and use of equipment.”

Renewable Energy and Climate Change

In this project, CIER is working with the Dehcho First Nations (NWT) and Matawa First Nations (ON) to create a monitoring network “that supports enhanced water and climate information and sharing” (CIER).

Indigenous Knowledge and Youth

In this project, CIER recently collaborated with Earth Rangers on a project to “incorporate Indigenous perspectives into their School Assembly Program” (CIER). The Program focuses on how climate change impacts people and animals and ways to mitigate those impacts.

Want to do more?

If you are unable to make a small donation to the charity supported by this event, or you have already and want to do more, consider signing the following petitions:

Protection of Vital Ecosystems/Biodiversity Protection

Alberta Rockies

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Honour Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Clean Drinking Water

Proper Pay

Big Polluters – Make Them Pay

For every donation you will be entered in a draw for a chance to win Apple AirPods.

Sometimes giving gives back.

Finally, look out for a succulents sales coming soon in support of CIER!

Leading in Sustainability

Sustainability is critical to so many aspects of our collective future. By leveraging our research strengths and partnerships, and continuing to invest in on-campus initiatives, we can truly make an impact.

Help create a bold future for Western. Share your big ideas for sustainability at


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