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Sustainability magazine cover with mountains


Edition No. 1


Welcome to the first edition of the sustain.ability gallery. This online exhibition exclusively features Western student artwork around the themes of environmentalism, nature, climate change and what it means to live and create sustainably.

We encourage you to proceed through the gallery in the order it was curated, but you are always welcome to return to you favourite pages at any time. Thank you for taking the time to support student artists and heighten your awareness of the current climate crisis. 

Repurposed cardboard painted with acrylic

​Inbound /

Aidan Takeda-Curran

Steel wool graphic of falling body

​Untitled /

Amber Caroll

Coming up...

Untitled /

Acadia Bromke

Repurposed floral cloth
Water colour abstract

Eating Colour /

Reilly Knowles





Flower on fire

Salvage / Repurposed Materials

Blue sky and figure wrapped in red fabric

Essence / Capturing Nature

A Man standing on the beach covered in white fabric

Adorn / Fashion & Textile Design

A woman sits on a bench reading a book

Ethos / Life on Earth

Barren land with leafless trees

Extinguish / Activism through art

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