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Stephanie Fattori 

– Untitled

"My painting is multi-media using paint, modelling paste and garbage, it's meant to highlight the plastic pollution that is growing in our oceans and the detrimental effects it is having on our ecosystems.

This painting is a statement on the plastic pollution affecting our oceans. The piece was created with plastic waste (plastic water bottles, granola wrappers, Tim's cups) that are not biodegradable and often end up in landfills."

Burning forest


Repurposed cardboard painted with acrylic

Aidan Takeda-Curran – Inbound

Feeling inspired to make change?

​"My drawing is a picture of a bee, an essential and beautiful part of our ecosystem and environment."

Mixed media water colour and pen bee

"This drawing was done on completely recycled paper, and was coloured using "Beam Paints" watercolour, a Manitoulin Island indigenous owned company that creates plastic-free sustainable paints which are amazing."

(Stephanie Fattori)

Water colour lobster
Darcy McVicar - Untitled

"This piece was created by only using natural ingredients including red wine, willow carbon, distilled water, and recycled paper."

Shelby Sammut – Untitled

Click below to see a close up of each component of this creative series:

Water colour of ocean and plastic

"Inspired by the "10-year challenge" trend from a few years ago. Depicts glaciers and coral reefs 10 years ago vs now. Resin piece represents trash in the oceans, meant to be a piece or "chunk" of a polluted ocean."

"A statement on climate change, specifically polar ice cap melting and coral bleaching, and how quickly things have changed for the worse. Also a statement on trash in the oceans and single-use plastics."

Mackenzie Smith – Untitled

"My work is about the environmental impact of the thoughtless mass production and mass disposal of skateboards.

My work pertains to sustainability as it discusses the environmental impact of objects you would normally not associate with climate struggles."

Repurposed skateboard painted with acrylic
Warm red collage of nude bodies and body parts

Moe Haloftis – Untitled

Ana Moyer – Untitled Series 

I chose to portray three winged mythological creatures, the sphinx, an interpretation of a biblical angel, and a harpy. All three are intrinsically tied to nature and show a fusion of humanity with animal characteristics.

I chose to make art into a utilitarian object with a dualistic meaning, I attempted to use sustainable mediums that would allow the user of envelope to still recycle the work if need be. 

Repurposed envelope of mixed media, acrylic and pencil drawing

Project title.

Repurposed envelope of mixed media, acrylic and pencil drawing


Repurposed envelope of mixed media, acrylic and pencil drawing


Repurposed envelope of mixed media, acrylic and pencil drawing


Repurposed envelope of mixed media, acrylic and pencil drawing


Amber Carroll – Untitled

"My work regarding sustainability mainly focuses on the loss of humanity as a result of industrial practices.

Both through the symbolism of the work and the materials used I aim to express the environmental cost of unsustainable practices. Namely, through colour used, the self-destruction resultant of industrialization is expressed. The crucial relationship between humans and the environment is demonstrated to promote individuals to consider the impact of their habits is expressed through both symbols and materials used."

Falling body animated frame
Acrylic painting of whale in a polluted ocean
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