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Thunderstorm with lightening


Blackprint of butterfly and plants

Elina Zhou – Dead Leaf

Painting of a moutain goat

Jade Williamson -Addax Antelope

My practice relates to sustainability because it focuses on the conservation of wildlife. In materiality and imagery, I address the fragility of species by using artwork to communicate their endangerment.

Addax Antelope addresses these concerns while presents the natural world and its inhabitants as something rare to be preserved. Addax Antelope aims to raise awareness for at-risk wildlife and tackle issues surrounding the protection of these animals.

The black surface in my artwork symbolizes a void regarding population and habitat. As it begins to engulf the subject, it embodies the lurking extinction upon these species.

My realistic illustration featured on a black background expresses the rarity of the critically endangered addax antelope. My piece incorporates elements of gold leaf because people treasure this precious metal. The concept of value and beauty attached to gold will play on people's desire to have and cherish this natural element of our world and our wildlife. In contrast to the emptiness of the black backdrop, it enriches the meanings of scarcity and rarity.

Children of EarthSunday Ajak
00:00 / 09:18

"This is a spoken-word piece entitled Children of Earth! It is my thoughts on climate change and the current global disaster we are heading towards. This piece enlightens the listener to the potential disasters that come with climate change. I tailored a majority of the piece as a call to arms for people to wake up and realize just how bad we have destroyed our planet, while promoting a means of sustainability through political action."

Shelby Sammut - Untitled

"Black and white linoleum prints, depicting mountains and trees inside and around a yin yang.

A reflection on the balance of nature and ecosystems when not touched by humans and the exploitation of land, resources and wildlife."

Print of yin and yang symbol with a landscape
Gratiana Chen – Bottled Bodies

In December 2020, fragments of plastic were found in human placentas. Everything, even our bodies, is being infiltrated by microplastics...

Acrylic painting of water bottle with legs and arms posed as models
Close up of bird

Jess Bileski - Untitled

I believe nature is the ultimate form of sustainability. It is the very first earth-made thing, and will be the very last thing to most likely ever exist. We cannot survive without the nature and world around us. I think that is such an impactful statement, and I believe that capturing the beauty of nature through photography helps the world remember that we must work together to sustain nature.

Bee buzzing near a flower
Close up of mushroom

Megan Goddard - Untitled

Sarah Tiller - Bumble Bee

Chase Windsor - Untitled

"My work showcases the natural beauty present in our environment. It is our responsibility to protect said beauty. "

Student Voices

Fighting Climate Change from Home: How Shifting to a Plant-Based Diet Could Save the Planet

Oil pastel personificaton of Earth and its pollution

"This oil pastel drawing provides a personification of earth and the pollution doing it harm. Our current path provides too much power to the wrong side, which will be nature's eventual downfall. Our actions have created the muscled and well-nourished force of destruction pictured while draining the earth of its resources. This has left an increasingly frail and starved world tipping towards the point of no recovery. We need to create a sustainable world where we are not taking so much to fix this dynamic of power." (Jared Henricks-Polack)

Jared Hendricks-Polack - Untitled

"This work is a modern day translation of Caravaggio's David with the Head of Goliath. It places nature in the role of David and a personification of pollution and industry as the head of Goliath. This piece promotes nature's ability to overcome the impacts of industrialization. Despite the current bleak situation, with the latter force seeming to hold more power, with our help and reduced consumption it is possible to see a sustainable society."

Oil pastel drawing of modern day translation of Caravaggio's david, floral
Edited photography up close of a nude figure



"We're so consumed by short-term happiness that we ignore the consequences of our actions. Plastics have become the foundation of our materialistic lives, and we’re losing concern over the impact of our fads... "

Jared Hendricks-Polack - Untitled

"This piece uses patches of colour to create a representational painting, allowing the viewer to see individual colours upon closer inspection or blend from a distance. The focus, the bug, is a small part of nature that will go largely unseen, yet is most affected by climate change. This bug is a reminder that there are many beautiful and vulnerable species worth protecting we will miss if we avoid sustainability."

Acrylic painting of a bug


Mixed media, water colour and pen drawing of planet in a pair of hands

Jared Hendricks-Polack - Untitled

"The text, "There is no Planet B," is a play on the saying, "There is no Plan B," meaning that we have no backup option if Earth fails. We need to find a way to live sustainably now because we will not get a second chance. All that will be left is the void we see, and no amount of cradling will bring it back once we have gone too far."

Arylic painting of swirling ocean landscape
Lucia Qiao -Untitled

"This painting is inspired by the turmoils and disruptions in the natural world. It reflects a contrast of current environmental issues as well as the overwhelming sense of frustration regarding the course of our planet and the natural state of the world.

It is inspired and meant to depict the clashing of, and overwhelming amount of environmental issues in the world."

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