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Green windo frame surrounded by vines

"The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations."

graphic of girl wearing brown jacket

Naomi Barghiel – Untitled

"My piece of art is a very minimalistic drawing of my friend looking out into the forest. She is wearing very earthy colours, which is something I try to emphasize even without the background of the forest. The drawing should bring up feelings of serenity."

Chase Windsor

Untitled Series

"My work is meant to highlight the natural beauty of nature through a unique lens."

Baby birds nested in a tree
Blue eggs neseted in a tre
acrylic painting
acrylic painting
acrylic painting

Bridget Koza –Untitled

Lucy Villeneuve – Untitled

"With regard to my artistic practice, I love to depict nature in ways that can make people happy. I feel that when we admire nature, we are inspired to take better care of our environment and the species within it! By making art that shows people the beauty and sweetness of nature, I hope to inspire in them a better appreciation for sustaining the ecological feats our planet has to offer.

As a kid I loved going out to the woods with my dad to observe the amazing wildlife in our neighbourhood. I'm fascinated by tiny creatures, and we always saw tons of frogs. I think they're absolutely adorable, so I made this art piece simply because it made me happy! I hope it makes others smile when they see it too!"

Acrylic painting of a frog against a blue background
Down for YouMusiime Mushega, Talall (feat. Rowan Buratti)
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"My work was a song I wrote with some friends my first summer back from university and was a first real attempt at creating a storytelling work.

Sustainability as a principle holds deep ties to our environment and its management. Throughout my work, I often use a number of nature-related sounds to emphasize the importance of such and our relationship to our surroundings. This allows for a more immersive experience for listeners as well as working to capture the audible sensations provided by nature." 

Close up of a grasshopper

Sarah Tiller


"If we find beauty and tranquility in nature, we are more apt to want to save it."

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Let's go!
Indiegenous artwork representing environmental sustainability

Acadia Bromke – Untitled

"This is an abstract piece that I created in a moment where I needed to feel more resilient to the changing forces around me.

My piece employs tones that are intended to bring the viewer close to nature."

Acrylic art piece centered with a yellow earth held by a pair of hands

Zaynab Almayahi – In Our Hands

"In Our Hands is a 10x10 painting that describes the human connection to the Earth and our only planet. It is a minimalistic inspired painting with Earth tones, sleek lines and bolded patterns.

In Our Hands relates to sustainability because to humans, it means being able to endure and remain productive through time. In return, this will provide proper care of the Earth and its plentiful resources. It can be seen that the Earth falls into our hands and positions us with the immense responsibility to take care of all that it contains and provides."

Water colour of figure holding a golden branch

Purushoth Megarajah


Billie Hafeez – Untitled

Photography of ocean side lanscape

My work pertains to sustainability in that it highlights the beauty of nature and thus encourages us to preserve such beautiful natural landscapes and stray from patterns which lead to the depletion of natural resources. 

Photography of green landscape

I took these photographs in Ireland, one of my favourite places in the world, to remember that there is beauty in more than just natural 'green' or water-related landscapes. Although rocks are often considering boring, there is also beauty in rock formations and other landscapes are also worth taking in. 

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