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For too long, environmental protection and the economy have been rendered mutually exclusive to one another. But times are changing, and corporations need to be socially responsible and held accountable for their actions. In a world where global warming is an immediate concern, all institutions, especially the business world, must prioritize environmental sustainability within their decision-making and actions.

Supporting Businesses: If you are a consumer, it is imperative to be critical when deciding which companies to support. Many companies use greenwashing tactics to present themselves as eco-friendly to the public when, in reality, they are not. A couple of ways to spot greenwashing is by identifying the use of vague buzzwords such as “natural,” or “eco-friendly” on packaging when there is no real proof to back up these claims.


Business Leaders: If you are a future business leader, you have the power to help ensure the company you are working for is using sustainable practices, regardless of your line of work. Whether it be consulting, supply chain management, fashion & retail, non-profit, marketing, real estate, or starting an entrepreneurial endeavour, you can be a sustainability champion within your workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about how the business world and sustainability intersect, get involved with Western Environmental Business (WEB). WEB (ig: @web_uwo) is new club that fosters the future generation of environmentally conscious business leaders and changemakers, through workshops to case competitions. Students are encouraged to join as general members regardless of skill level or faculty. 

Everist is a clean beauty brand that was founded by our very own Western alumni. They just recently launched in February 2021 with their first product innovation: a waterless shampoo and conditioner (patent pending)! Everist believes in taking ownership for the impact we have on the planet and reducing the carbon impact of a traditional, water filled shampoo bottle. Their products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, with biodegradable ingredients and packaged in an infinitely recyclable tube. To shop Everist’s products and learn more about their story and their sustainability initiatives, go to

Filthy Rebena is a sustainable clothing store owned by Natalie and Darlene. In their efforts to maintain a sustainable environment, they sell various articles of recycled clothing! Their products include bottoms, dresses, outerwear, housewares, accessories, shoes and more. They believe the fashion industry contributes major harmful emissions and seek to lessen this impact by encouraging their customers to purchase recycled clothing (restocked daily!). They also offer student coop and internship opportunities! To shop and learn more, go to

F&LS Thrift is an extension of the most fashionable club on the UWO campus—Fashion & Lifestyle Society. With a focus on sustainability, in particular slow fashion, the club works towards providing a unique fashion experience with garments that can be easily integrated into a western student’s wardrobe.


Follow us on IG @flsociety.thrift to shop our latest collection

Sefina the Brand is a London-based slow fashion clothing brand. They repurpose vintage materials or secondhand pieces into new clothes to reduce the clothing waste that reaches landfills, especially from synthetic materials, which can take 20-200 years to decompose. They understand the fashion industry’s contributions to environmental depletion, including the fact that it is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. To reduce these impacts they choose to upcycle and implement a slow-fashion approach. To shop and learn more go to

Bundles Creative Studio is a London-based retail store that sells arts and crafts products, including paint brushes, trays, clocks, home materials, and other supplies. They also host creative workshops and private and public events. Check out them out at

Heeman’s is a local London strawberry farm and gardening centre! They encourage purchasing local food and produce because it helps preserve the environment. Many local farms, including theirs, employ various methods to help the environment, including a rigorous crop rotation program which captures carbon emissions. Check them out at

The Root Cellar is an organic food restaurant in London and are committed to supporting sustainable agricultural practices and respecting people’s food sovereignty. Their food comes almost entirely from local farms that practice sustainable agriculture. Their mission is to advocate for London’s small scale organic farmers and work closely with On The Move Organics for this purpose. Learn more at

Kitz-A-Whoo is a student run business that creates kits and care packages! Whether it be their COVID kits, sustainable kits, or more, this is a great gift for others or for yourself. Kitz-A-Whoo is dedicated to encouraging the idea of shopping local and supporting female-owned and small businesses. Shop their kits here:

Tea Lounge is London’s premier tea lounge. Tea lovers expert to novice will enjoy their relaxing and culturally rich atmosphere. Choose to have your tea served traditional or contemporary style. Stay for lunch or indulge in tea & treats. Shop teaware and gifts, to-go tea service, baked goods and more. Relax, study, visit, read. It is Tea Lounge’s mission to curate a collection of teas founded in nutritional quality, sustainability and ethical sourcing and to experience them authentically. To learn more and shop check out

Yatta is a curated e-commerce site that sells a carefully-curated selection of eco-luxe skincare, cosmetics, haircare, perfumes, home fragrances and jewellery. Always vegan. Always sustainable. Always chemical and cruelty-free. Check out their products here:

Plant Matter Kitchen is a plant-based restaurant and juice bar. They serves organic, delicious, vegan meals—the kind of food we serve our families! From revamped familiar favourites to global flavours—and everything in between—Plant Matter Kitchen creates whole food meals with no artificial ingredients. No scary additives. Nothing processed. No chemicals. Just good, organic, meals made from healthy and delicious real food. Learn more here:

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