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"Creating is the essence of life."

– Julius Caesar

Blow-Me-Down Brook

By Sarah Tiller

The fog horns and calling fishermen are muffled as you step into the depths of the thick forest.


Where you trek up rough hills,

And down steep slopes, 

Across rickety, moss-covered bridges, 

Over thick roots,

And through raspberry bushes that scratch your leg, but burst with flavour on your tongue...

Forestry and blue sky


Blurred image of forest art

"Nature is beautiful but sometimes our vision of it is foggy or blurred. When humans put a lens over the way we look at nature, it can sometimes become blurred from rain. When we think about sustainability, we need to look at a clear picture rather than through a distorted lens to make the right decisions. "

Laney Beaulieu – "Det'an"

"It’s named Det’an which means Goose in Chipewyan, my native language. For me and my community Det’an has always symbolized the coming of better days. It meant summer was coming, school was ending, and big feasts with family."

Close up of water
Indigeneous artwork symbolizig the coming of better days


Lucy Villeneuve – Untitled

"This image was born out of a series of experimental splatter paintings. The power and energy behind splattering and experimentation mirrors that of ocean waves. This image depicts the simple beauty of the ocean..."

Katie Butler – "Abuk"

"The painting "Abuk" depicts a South Sudanese woman in a rainforest covered in butterflies. It’s meant to represent Abuk, the patron goddess of women as well as gardens, mother of the god of rain and fertility."  

Acrylic painting of South Sudanese woman in a rainforest covered in butterflies

Megan Goddard - Untitled Photo Series

Upward close up perspective of a tree

"I think the photos speak to the idea of beauty in nature, but also the vulnerability of it. I love these places and the naturally existing elements, but with each year I grow more and more worried that these places will be threatened by people and the industrial/urban expansions that are becoming more and more frequent."

Photography of lake

"I decided to submit pieces of nature that reflect the idea of preservation. Taken in various places around my grandparents cottage in Temagami these pictures exemplify the isolated beauty of nature."

Photography of stacked wood

"Trees felled for the erection of townhouses, water polluted by garbage dumps and other waste, fish disappearing due to rising temperatures, overfishing, or destruction of their homes... all these things affect even the most beautiful and remote places."

Blue painting of lack with a forest reflection
Serene lake covered by brightly lit trees


Sarah Tiller

"The meaning of my work is about appreciating the sights, smells, and sensations of being surrounded by nature. Nature/the environment is a living entity that can envelope you, transport you, and change how you view the world. My poem and photos speak to the transformative power of nature."

Bottom up perspective of a forest


Margaret Huntley – Untitled

Despite what we may think, humans are not at the centre of the ecosystem. Our environment does not require our influence to thrive. My photos capture the importance of leaving nature in its natural state."

"I've always preferred exploring nature over an urban space. These photos capture the beauty of nature that is so important to me.

Forest and bluesky
Snow covered trees

Tessia Yu

Impressonsistic acrylic painting of girl walking through a forest

"This painting was done to capture the beauty of a scene I liked while traveling.

I painted this to capture and kind of highlight how nature gifts us with so many beautiful sights. The fight for sustainability serves to preserve our wildlife and natural resources and also to preserve these sceneries we enjoy every day.

Jessica Dickinson – Untitled

"My work is inspired by others as well as the beauty I find in the nature that I see in my daily life.

It is my belief that when people begin to see the beauty of the nature in the world around them, it evokes the passion and feelings needed to begin being conscious about the environment and implementing a sustainable lifestyle."

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