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The Writers

Adam Shedeed

Paper written fpr Integrated Science 2001F

Dana Halay

Paper written for Environmental Science 3300F

Gabrielle Hatten

Paper written for PHIL2355G

Julia Albert

In my reflection on the CEEC, I comment on the importance of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), meaning the responsibility of companies to manage to end-of-life the products they sell into the marketplace. In the video I co-curated for Global Health Day, our interviewee Dr. Olea-Popelka compares the collectivistic action needed to deal with COVID-19 to the societal collaboration needed to combat climate change.

Julia Petryschuk

Paper written for INTEGSCI 2001F

Kevin Adeli

Paper written for Geo2156 - Animal Geographies

Nicole Wisener

Paper written for Integrated Science 2001F

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