My Favourite Sustainable Brands That Aren’t Basic


“My favourite sustainable brands that aren’t basic. So, first is VERSE Inc in Toronto. They make super cute puffers that look like the Aritzia SuperPuff for half the price from recycled polyester. Recycled polyester saves 80% of energy that would be used from producing new fibres from oil and reduces chemical consumption as well. Second is VEJA. They have classic silhouette sneakers reminiscent of Converse or Adidas Stan Smiths. They’re made from recycled fibres, Amazonian rubber and vegan leather. Just be careful with vegan leather because it’s made from synthetic fibres such as nylon and acrylic which are worse than polyester in terms of biodegradability. Third is Beach Access. They have the cutest bikinis that are super flattering and not awkwardly low-waist that give you muffin top. They have one pieces for more coverage and bikini sets that are more riské. Their fabrics are made from regenerated nylon and plastic waist. So water bottles and fishing nets don’t end up in landfills and are recycled and repurposed into fibres to turn into fabrics for their swimwear. Their packaging from their tags, labels and swimsuit liners are all plastic-free biodegradable.”  

Sustainable Brands that Aren't Basic Part 2: Canadian Brands

"My favourite sustainable brands that aren't basic, part 2: Canadian Brands. Mary Young is ethically produced in Montreal. They sell intimates, loungewear, and activewear. They use rayon from organic bamboo, a biodegradable fibre allowing garments to be super soft, absorbent, anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking. It's also free of pesticides, dyes and bleaches. They encourage self-love and body positivity, as they are inclusive of different skin colours and sizes in their branding. Alice + Whittles from Toronto sells footwear and accessories geared more towards outdoor activities, which make them great for fall and winter. Their materials are 90% sustainable, opting for fair trade rubber, reclaimed ocean plastic and vegan water-based glue. They take it a step further and are very involved in the communities they partner with, which helps maintain fair pay, good working conditions and uplifts women in these communities. Uncle Studios is also located in Toronto. They provide elevated everyday wear with a variety of basics perfect for a capsule wardrobe. They use ethical labour and certified eco-friendly materials, such as tencel or lyocell, which are made from wood, biodegrading in 6 weeks. These fibres require no bleaching, use less energy for laundering and have less water consumption. Like for part 3!"



3 Products I Don't Buy Due to Zero Waste


“Hey guys! Here are three products I don't buy anymore - instead, I make my own. Only need three ingredients: one tablespoon of beeswax, one tablespoon of shea butter, two tablespoons of an oil of your choice - I chose extra virgin olive oil. Gently melt at bain-marie (low heat). Once fully melted you can optionally add five drops of essential oil. Use it on your lips, on your hands, and guess what can also remove makeup or hydrate your skin with it. Will you give these a try, let me know below.”


5 Natural Ingredients for DIY Beauty Products


“5 natural ingredients to start DIYing your own products. For ___ and soothing, shea butter. For hardening and hydrating, cocoa butter. Wax is to keep your product solid in the heat. You can use bees wax or vegan alternatives. Vegetable oils and optional essential oils. What’s your favourite ingredient?”


Kitchen Counter Cleaner from Natural Ingredients


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Products to Help Reduce Waste in 2021 


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Zero-waste Cosmetics


“I was tired of seeing all this plastic packaging in my makeup and cosmetics so I took things into my own hands and started to make my own products. This is all the makeup that I made and I wear on a daily basis. They are mostly made of natural ingredients except for mica, I use synthetic mica in my products for humanitarian and environmental reasons. I don't have a very difficult skin type so I use mostly butters and oils in my lip and skin products. This is a cream deodorant, and sweet almond oil for my face.”


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Things in My Kitchen that are Eco-Friendly


“Things in my kitchen that make my life so much better and also happen to be eco-friendly. A Swedish dish cloth. This one's from drops. They seem really stiff at first, but after you wet them they can absorb up to 20 times their weight, they're compostable and they replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels. A silicone baking mat. This one's from Target and if you hate doing serious dishes you need this ‘cause you just rinse this baby off and you're done. And finally reusable beeswax wraps. I have a lot of jars that actually don't have lids and this is a great alternative to cling wrap. They just seal with the warmth of your hands.”


Zero-Waste Living


“Okay, if you have these -like these little fruit things with the holes in the bottom - you're gonna wanna stop throwing these away. Here's why: whenever you open them up - those little holes at the bottom. If you have things like ribbon or want to be more organized, you can thread them through the bottom. They fit perfectly. My mom likes to craft and I feel like this is the best way I’ve found to organize it. So, now you can see they perfectly, and I mean perfectly, fill that up, and you can just pull them out and cut them - you don't lose your spot. This used to have tomatoes in it. I use doggy, doggy bags, just pull them out. It's amazing.”




REfuse and REuse


“Here is your re- of the weak: refuse. It's hard to refuse plastic when you're out and about, especially now, but carrying some reusables with you can help! Like this cutlery kit and straw to avoid plastic utensils, a stasher bag to bring home snacks, and old glass jar or Tupperware for leftovers, a water bottle - duh - and a coffee cup. Throw them in your bag, and boom baby!”


Sustainable Gift Wrap 


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Sustainable Fashion Resources


“Hey! If you're really into sustainable fashion and you want some more resources to look into, here are some really great websites and social medias you need to be following:

clean clothes campaign is awesome. I learned so much from their social medias and their websites and their articles. They are a nonprofit organization that's funded by the EU and they are like really on top of it. Great resource! Next is remake. They're really, really good again with resources. They put really great articles about things that are happening to garment workers, all around the world, and I mean another really great resource. The third one is fashion revolution. Their Instagram is fashionrev and they're really phenomenal. They're constantly putting out like definitions of what different fast fashion terms are, what sustainable terms are. Really, really great research!

If you like my page and you like the info I give, I get a lot of inspiration and like a lot of my info from their articles and stuff, so go follow those social medias and stay educated on sustainable fashion.”


Sustainable Water Filter


“This little thing is the equivalent of 2000 water bottles. In America we use about 1500 water bottles every second. 80% of all of our water bottles are thrown away and not even recycled. And it uses 2000 times more energy to make plastic water bottles and process it this way than it does to produce tap water, and that's why I'm going to be using GoPure from now on, whenever I'm out in public so that I never have to buy water bottles again. You just drop this little thing into any container - like literally anything that has water in it and it will filter it and it'll stay filtering your water for six months, and you can offer your pup two.

I know you want one! So GoPure here is letting me give one of these and the dog bowl set away to one person who's following me so leave a cute little comment if you want one, and follow up here on Instagram and I'll pick a follower to send one to in like a week.”




Upcycling- Converse Shoes


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