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Meet the Artists

Acadia Bromke

Acadia is a fourth year international relations student with a passion for abstract art. Using art as a tool for expression, their art often resembles periods in their life.

Aidan Takeda-Curran

Aidan Takeda-Curran is a third year visual arts student exploring themes of sustainability and environmentalism through the uses of recycled materials. As well as exploring themes of frailty of form and masculinity.

Aishani Leekha

Aishani is a first-year student at Western University studying BMOS. She has been passionate about art since she was young, and recently developed an interest in textiles.

Alysha Bauer

My name is Alysha Bauer and over quarantine I began teaching myself how to construct clothing in different mediums including sewing, knitting, and crochet! I'm a 4th year MIT student and I love to create fashion!

Amber Carroll

Amber Carroll is an eighteen-year-old self-taught artist, focused in Hamilton, ON. Amber's inspiration for her work is derived from interest in mental health and various factors that influence it.

Ana Moyer

Ana Moyer is a Masters student in Art History and Curatorial Studies with a focus on Indigenous art and tattooing practices.

Anjali Singh

Hi! My name is Anjali Singh and I'm 18 years old from Markham Ontario. I'm currently in first year at Western University in the SASAH (School for the Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities) program alongside International Relations.

Billie Hafeez

Bilquees "Billie" Hafeez is a 4th year student pursing an Honours Specialization in Art History & Museum Studies, and a Major in Classical Studies. She is currently VASA's President & Gallery Coordinator, USC's Public Arts Commission's VP Events, and AHSC's AVP Events.

Bridget Koza

I’m a die-hard arts student with a lifetime love for creating visual content. My degree is a mouthful, being in SASAH (School for Advanced Students in Arts and Humanities), major in fine arts, and a minor in Spanish.

Cassandra Barry

My name is Sandra Barry, and I am a self-taught artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am also a triathlete, road cyclist, and figure skater.

Chase Windsor

Chase Windsor is a third year Astro Physics and Planetary Science student. Despite studying the sciences , Chase became passionate about photography after discovering the art form in high school.

Dalton Dowson

I grew up surrounded by creatives and entrepreneurs in Aylmer, ON, which set the foundation for my creative expression. I founded KINDYNOS in 2018 as I always had a passion for fashion design, KINDYNOS became my outlet.

Darcy McVicar

3rd year mature student in the BFA Fine Art (Studio) program. Previously graduated from UWO in 1990.

Elina Zhou

My name is Elina Zhou and I am currently enrolled in my second year in Honours Specialization degree in Studio Arts and Art History. I was born in Canada on January 31st, 2001 but shortly moved back to China for 4 years and have returned ever since.

Eva Chang

Eva Chang is a 4th year student at Western University, pursuing her Bachelor of Health Science in the Honours Specialization in Rehabilitation Science program. She was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, and moved to Canada in 2017 to pursue her undergraduate degree.

Gratiana Chen

Gratiana is a hobbyist artist studying towards a Bachelor of Neuroscience. She is passionate about nature, well-being, and culture, and exploring these intersections through art.

Jade Williamson

Jade Williamson is an artist from London, Ontario, currently completing an Honours Specialization of Fine Arts at the University of Western. Her practice recently has been informed by an interest in wildlife and raising awareness for endangered species.

Jared Hendricks-Polack

Jared Hendricks-Polack currently works as a representational artist, using his keen eye for detail to bring life to his paper. Intrigued by the integration of images, Jared seeks to create fantasy products that draw viewer’s in and invite them to make new connections.

Jessica Bileski

Jess Bileski is a third year student at Western doing and Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature. She began her photography journey at the beginning of quarantine and has developed a love of it ever since.

Jessica Dickinson

Hi my name is Jessica Dickinson, I am a 19-year-old first year student at Western, studying social science. I have been practising and teaching myself art since I was in elementary school.

Katie Butler

I’m Katie, a fourth-year Health Science student and artist. I work primarily with acrylics but I also love to try out new mediums, most recently dipping my toe into fashion design.

Kelly Liu

Hi! My name is Kelly and I'm in second year studying Finance. I like to keep myself busy, but during me free time I love to make art!

Laney Beaulieu

My name is Laney Beaulieu and I am from the community of Deninu K’ue in what is now the Northwest Territories. I am Dene and Metis and I am currently studying Biology and Medical Sciences at Western University and hope to become a Physician in a Northern Indigenous community like the one I grew up in.

Lucia Qiao

Lucia is currently a second year student studying business and actuarial science. She has been passionate about the arts and fashion since a very young age, and has developed an interest in environmental sustainability during high school.

Lucy Villeneuve

Lucy Villeneuve is a 21-year-old artist and dancer in her 4th year of an Honours Specialization in Art History and Studio Art at Western University. Her artistic practice is informed by her love of the ocean, movement, and play.

Mackenzie Smith

I’m a disabled queer local London artist who focuses around themes of gender equality, transgender representation and social and environmental justice.

Margaret Huntley

Margaret Huntley is a student at Western University where she is majoring in English with an Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature with a minor in Philosophy. She works as a copywriter for River Street Writing and has publications in Iconoclast Collective Magazine and Occasus.

Megan Goddard

Megan Goddard is an emerging artist currently in her second year at Western University, hoping to graduate with an honours specialization in studio art and minor in art history. Megan’s preferred mediums are sculpture and painting.

Miles Obilo

Miles is a first year student at Western University with a passion for the arts and creating amazing things out of nothing.

Moe Haloftis

Hello, my name is Morea Haloftis I am a Greek French Canadian artist from Mississauga and I am currently studying at western in the fine arts program. I have been doing art since the 6th grade when by fluke my mom put me in a painting class and I fell in love with it.

Musiime Mushega

My names Musiime, and I've been writing, playing and producing music for a little under 9 years now. I started to learn piano while I was a child before transitioning to drums, and then guitar, finally, finding my niche in music production in 2012.

Naomi Barghiel

Naomi Barghiel is a 4th year Honours Specialization student in Media, Information and Technoculture with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves creating digital art and attending drive-in movies on her free time.

Priya Shrestha

Priya Shrestha is a student leader who is passionate about driving sustainable change. In her final year of Green Process Engineering, she is designing a biogas and renewable natural gas production plant for municipal organic waste with her capstone group.

Purushoth Megarajah

My name is Purushoth Megarajah and I am a first-year student currently enrolled in the Medical Sciences program here at Western. As an individual who is deeply passionate about both science and art, I have spent the majority of my life exploring a wealth of creative and academic opportunities, eventually leading to a fascination with the many interconnections and overlaps between both fields throughout history.

Reilly Knowles

Reilly Knowles is a recent graduate of Western University’s Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts program, with a Specialisation in Studio Arts. Knowles has exhibited work since 2015, showing in such venues as Artlab Gallery (London, ON), Good Sport (London, ON) and Holcim Gallery (Milton, ON).

Sabrina Petta

Hi! I'm Sabrina! I'm a third year student studying business. I've always been passionate about fashion and sewing was simply a natural progression spurred on by the need for sustainable change in the industry.

Sarah Tiller

Sarah is a third year student at Western University studying Creative Writing, English Language and Literature, and Theatre Studies. She has been writing and performing since she was young, and has now been published within UWO affiliated journals.

Shelby Sammut

Shelby Sammut is a Brantford based artist, studying Fine Arts in London at the University of Western Ontario. She works primarily with watercolour and acrylic paint, as well as printmaking.

Stephanie Fattori

Hey! I'm a third year student studying Art History and Museum Studies with a minor in French, and I'm hoping to continue my education with a masters in Art Conservation.

Sunday Ajak

I am Sunday Ajak. A 21-year-old motivational speaker, activist, and student at Western University; studying Social Justice.

Tessia Yu

I am a 4th bmsc student and a hobbyist artist. I've been drawing since I was little.


@thechaotickid: Exploring the intersectionality between environmental activism and emerging technology, while focusing on how we as young leaders don't need to make sacrifices to enact sustainable progress.

Zaynab Almayahi

Zaynab Almayahi is a 3rd year Psychology student studying at The University of Western Ontario. She plans to complete her Bachelors with a minor in Art History and Studio Art in order to gain a solid foundation in artistic abilities; both in theory and in ability.

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